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Post-SUFW dinner. (at Pies’n’Thighs)

Post-SUFW dinner. (at Pies’n’Thighs)

amobae asked: kamusta! have just heard of anakbayan tonight/today (its 1:13 am in aus) &i have always wondered about when will the philippines (i really want to change the country's name , did the islands have an actual name before it was the philippines? surely neighbouring countries referred to it as something else) actually independent and culturally aware i mean the schools teach us history written by westerners so im really glad that there is a movement and it is happening i hope to hear lots from u all!



Hi amobae!

We are definitely on the same page when it comes to re-educating ourselves and other youth of our culture and history.

First, there have been numerous names given to the Philippines prior to King Philip II of Spain claiming the islands. See the historical names here. I understand why you’d want to change our country’s name. However, it may be empowering to know that it was during Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines that really united all of the different tribes on all the different islands to unite against their common oppressor, Spain. Before that, revolts across the archipelago were sporadic and spread out. It was really the response to Spanish colonial rule that the national identity of the Filipino was formed.

Second, we too also wonder when the Philippines will be truly sovereign, with genuine democracy and freedom. What we believe in is the power of the people. When we are all able to come together and unite against a common oppressor - that is when things will change (as our own history has taught us). This is why we aim to educate ourselves about our history and conditions, organize our communities and most especially, mobilize these communities around current issues affecting the Filipino people across the globe.

Thanks for reaching out to us! We always welcome dialogue :)

Shout out to whoever from Anakbayan-USA answered this question :)

Israel shells Gaza school housing displaced Palestinians during UN inspection


A United Nations school sheltering displaced Palestinians in central Gaza came under Israeli fire on Tuesday as a team was inspecting damage from a day earlier, a UN official said.

The official said a team, with Israeli clearance, was at the school run by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA in Al-Maghazi when Israeli tank shelling resumed, hitting the building on Tuesday afternoon.

"Yesterday we got reports that it was shelled and so today we sent our guys down to investigate and see which side the fire came from," the official said, speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity.

"They went down there with Israeli clearance, and while they were there, they came under Israeli shelling," he added.

He said that there were holes blown through the walls of the school compound and that the gates had been blown off but no one was injured in the shelling.

The school has been evacuated and UNRWA has submitted a formal letter about the shelling to Israel, he said.